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Digital Branding

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What is ThirdScope's Digital Branding?

We maximize brand value and contribute to sales promotion through the internet. Unlike non-digital activities, we design plans with extensive reach and cost-effectiveness, and support new development and operational improvements.

Strengths Here's a part of our strengths

Strength 01

We support business promotion in line with a unified marketing and branding strategy.

Strength 02

We handle everything from planning, requirement definition, design, UI/UX, and development in a one-stop manner.

Strength 03

We participate in discussions delving into business challenges, not just in hearings.

Strength 04

Leveraging our strength in technical expertise, we offer analysis and solutions to challenges.

Clients Introduction record

Works Case studies & Achievements

Real Estate

Quick proposal of new technologies and media advertisement

In the real estate industry, there are challenges such as the complexity of procedures, a lack of transparency in information, issues with efficiency and productivity, and a decline in the quality of the customer experience. At Third Scope, we often have opportunities to propose the creation of new systems involving the introduction of IoT and AI, VR and AR technologies, and data analysis. We assist in automating processes, enhancing efficiency and productivity, and improving the customer experience.


Creating the best day through digital innovation

The wedding industry was greatly affected by the spread of the novel coronavirus. In recent times, it faces challenges such as increasing demands for customization, physical constraints, and complex coordination. At Third Scope, we assist in improving efficiency and personalization to create a special day for each couple, through the utilization of AI, virtual experiences with VR and AR, and data analysis.


Integrating with advanced devices to innovate transportation and logistics

The transportation and logistics industry faces numerous challenges, including improving delivery efficiency, cutting costs, ensuring transport transparency, and reducing environmental impact. At Third Scope, we have handled the introduction of transportation management systems using AI and IoT, the utilization of drones and autonomous driving technology, and the calculation of optimal routes through data analysis, in conjunction with new web system solutions.


Promoting personalization with the latest technology

In the beauty and cosmetics industry, rapid changes in products and trends are characterized by the need to address diverse consumer needs, prove product safety and efficacy, and the speed of new product development. At Third Scope, we support initiatives that further the pursuit of personalization, such as skincare advice using AI, virtual makeup using AR technology, and understanding consumer behavior and assisting in product development through data analysis.

IT Industry

Utilizing vast design data to contribute to UI & UX

In the IT industry, information about operation intuitiveness, convenience, and application accessibility is rapidly updated. At Third Scope, we propose new design methods, including user-friendly UI design, UX improvements based on data analysis, and interface design using the latest technology. We contribute to intuitive operability, advanced accessibility, and the enhancement of the customer experience.

Flow Introduction to our initiatives

step1 現状調査・分析及び戦略策定サポート
step2 グランドデザイン, UIデザイン・UX設計
step3 技術選定および設計
step4 プロダクト開発
step5 効果測定・検証

Prices Price list

Brand design

  • Logo / Brand mark production

    800GBP ~

    We design logos and brand marks that visualise our clients' visions and create a unique impression. Additionally, we understand the value of our clients' businesses and produce vivid and memorable designs that symbolise them. Through a strong visual identity, we help enhance brand recognition and boost our clients' competitiveness.

  • Support for establishing brand &
    design guidelines

    5,000GBP ~

    We support the creation of design guidelines for your brand. This is a set of rules that meticulously define all visual aspects of a brand, including its appearance, typography, color combinations, and logo usage. Thanks to these guidelines, it's possible to maintain a consistent brand image across various settings and communications. Our support aims to ensure that design elements are used in a consistent and appropriate manner, enhancing brand recognition and creating a cohesive look and feel.

Application development

  • Web application development

    8,000GBP ~

    We consistently support everything from the planning to the development of the web applications necessary for your business. We aim not just to create an app but to achieve functionality and usability that truly captures the needs of actual users. With a track record of development in collaboration with major companies, we possess the technical expertise and experience to meet any business requirements. In addition to app development, we also specialize in strategic planning in the marketing domain, contributing to the app's proliferation and sales improvement.

  • Digital transformation support

    5,000GBP ~

    We provide support to promote Digital Transformation (DX). From planning and requirement definition to development and operation, we offer comprehensive assistance to digitalize your business. To truly deliver valuable offerings to users, we deeply understand the needs of the users and business goals. Furthermore, we have a track record of development utilizing subsidies, making cost support available. We actualize business efficiency and value enhancement through digitalization.

UI / UX design

  • Web designing

    5,000GBP ~

    We provide intuitive and user-friendly web design that meets the needs and expectations of our customers. We prioritize the User Experience (UX) to promote engagement tailored to the objective. The User Interface (UI) is beautifully designed to easily find information. As a result, visitors are likely to enjoy staying on your website and are more likely to become customers.

  • Mobile application designing

    5,000GBP ~

    With a mobile-first perspective, we prioritize the user experience on smartphones and tablets. We create visually appealing and highly operable mobile designs, ensuring that users can utilize your services anytime and anywhere. A design tailored for mobile users aims to enhance user engagement and ultimately contribute to business outcomes.

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